Jump into Summer Fun Sale

Jump into Summer Fun Sale


Free US Shipping + 15% Off!!

Here is the deal:

15% off of everything I make (this does not include TA-65 or Xocai chocolates since I do not make them!).

Sale lasts for anywhere from 12 to 48 hours depending on demand, stock outs, etc.

The savings apply to one time orders as well as subscription orders at this time of purchase but not in the future. To be clear the subscription orders are already discounted and you will receive 15% off that discount but the next time the subscription is billed it will be billed at the usual subscription discount, not an additional 15%.

Standard Shipping is Free in the Continental U.S.of A!

All time references are based on Eastern Daylight Savings times!

I reserve the right to end the sale at anytime during the above period and items are first come first served.

You know I don’t have sales often so now is the time to save big and get ready for a seriously fun summer!

Order Now and you’ll have your pick of the litter!



  1. Hello Doc,
    I’ve been a loyal customer for at least 10 years now. In addition to your fish oil, sleep wizard, instant Einstein (don’t remember new name) and Ultra 85, I most recently got started on your skin care regime, which I am liking so far, with one complaint…the day and night creams both came unsealed and the day cream bubbles out of the container each time I use it. I clean the edge before screwing the top on tightly, and it never fails, there is product on the outside of the container the next day. I have kept the container in the box and a considerable amount of the product has been wasted. Before I order again, I wanted to pass this feedback along. The stuff is not cheap! I don’t like seeing the container half full when I use so little of the product each day.
    On a positive note, I appreciate the passion you have for anti-aging science and, having just celebrated my 50th bday and regularly being mistaken for someone in their mid-30’s, I thank my lucky genes and YOU for the unsurpassed quality of your products.