The Ketogenic Diet Part 6

The Ketogenic Diet Part 6


You may have noticed that this installment is about a month out from the last post on the Ketogenic Diet.

I did this deliberately because I wanted to give you some honest to goodness follow up on how things are going weeks out from the end of my little experiment.

There is mostly good things and only a few negatives to tell you about.

First the good news.  I have dropped an additional 2 pounds and it’s been sustainable. In other words I get up every morning and weight myself and the 2 pounds stay gone and do not come back day after day after day suggesting this is real weight loss rather than water shifts.

Next the carb awareness that I developed by maintaining a super low carb diet of less than 12 grams per day is still there. Now I shoot for 50 grams  a day on the average and this lets me eat a lot more “normal “ foods.  I have had only one day where I completely lost it and started eating a ton of carbs and it was not hard to toe the line again.

This brings me to a little bit of bad news.  Maintaining a very low carb ( 50 grams or less a day) diet is still pretty hard and allows very limited food choices. It’s not nearly as hard as the ultra low calorie low carb scenario I did a month ago but it’s not easy.  Almost completely gone are bread, crackers, pasta all rice products and the like.  This is of course the mainstay of what most people in the Western World eat. It also encompasses a lot of the “gluten free” stuff I used to allow myself.

Fruit is pretty scarce as well now being replaced by our friends the green leafy vegetables.  I have to be really careful when juicing in terms of adding fruits because of the higher fructose/carb content as well.

Of  course I am back on all supplements including the fish oil.  Someone asked if I also stopped TA-65.  The answer to that is no, never! I reduced and interrupted my fish oil dose only because on the ultra low calorie low carb diet there were so few Omega 6’s to balance out I did not need the 3’s either.

As I said in the blogs the 1 week plus experiment I did with the Ketogenic Calorie Restricted Diet was just that: one week and it was never meant to be a long term thing nor would it be healthy unless you were super fat!

Speaking of fat I have seen the return of my six pack, the loss of the proverbial Polish love handles and a general increase in power to weight ratio.  All really good!

My plan is to stay on the low low end of carbs on a daily basis, say for the next 3 months with one or two short bursts of near fasting low carb intertwined thereof.

I am 100% certain my goal body weight of 185 will be easy to attain since I am almost there already. I also plan on looking at cholesterol and other inflammatory biomarkers to boot at that time.  Again the goal here is health and I need to prove that eating a lot more fat and a bit more protein while dropping carbs radically is indeed healthy.  I did this before by going strictly Paleo 4 years ago and it worked then so no reason to expect it won’t.

Finally I had a fantastic 2+ hour conversation with Dr Tom Seyfried who wrote the book “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” which I will share with you in part on YouTube and in part in my upcoming book.

Yours a leaner healthier and stronger Dr Dave!

PS now it’s your turn  I want to hear your success story too!