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Father Time a Turns Blind Eye

There were two recent studies looking at aging in young black men.  The first linked experiencing racism to shorter telomeres. Aside from what has to be something that is difficult to quantify, it is safe to say this is a negative stress. It is also safe to say that negative stress accelerates aging. It is also safe to say that our perception of stress is the main thing that causes the problem.  As I mentioned in my newsletters and blogs an oft quoted study involving Nobel Laureate Liz Blackburn showed that people perceive the same stress differently as measured by urinary excretion of stress chemicals.

It calls to mind Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote, “No One can make you feel inferior without your consent!”

This week another study, this time in “at risk” black youths showed that even at the tender young age of 9 there are budding differences in telomere length.  There are numerous studies and theories about the racial differences in life expectancy in this country.  Many of them center on social stresses, gaps income and health care.  Some have pointed to genetic differences especially in the tendency for black men to get prostate cancer and hypertension.

There have even been some genetic differences and SNP’s (single nucleotide polymorphisms) identified.

But I can tell you two things that have not been looked at that would make a huge difference and guess what Father Time turns a blind eye to your skin color if these are “off”.

1)      Omega 3 level.  As fate would have it blacks tend to metabolize Omega 6’s even faster than whites and Omega3’s even slower. On an African plains diet or even a costal Paleolithic one these enzymatic differences do not make much difference. But in American and the Western world where Omega 6’s abound and Omega 3’s are scarce the outcomes are predictable!

Now if you are not black but you live anywhere but an Aleut village or an Owkinawan coastal town you are probably in a similar boat.  You can eat a ton of fish- get a ton of mercury which our government says is “OK”.  Or you can take a few capsules of this and be done.

2)      Telomere length.  No one has done race specific telomere measurements in age matched controls but telomere erosion with aging is no longer a “maybe sorta kinda” thing. Even the curmudgeonliest scientist has had to ‘fess up and say “I believe” to the studies that show telomeres are a major and treatable cause of aging and unhealthiness.

Father time doesn’t care if you are black or white it will happen to you no matter what but:

In 2010, white women had the highest life expectancy at birth, 81.3 years, followed by black women (78.0 years), white men (76.5 years) and black men (71.8 years). Life expectancy for the U.S. population as a whole was 78.7 years. I would bet my career all of these differences can be boiled down to telomere length.

So no matter who you are you should do something to “take care of your telomeres” as I always say.

Here are two simple options:

By the way fixing #1 above will slow down telomere loss as well so now you have 3 things you can do with supplements alone. Some do all 3, some only 2, some one, but none is not a good answer to this problem, because Father Time WILL NOT turn a blind eye to that!


The Effect of Aging on Muscle- Why do we get weaker with age

As telomere length gets to be more a more popular way of looking into our future to see what will happen to us, some interesting studies are being done. One recent one from Italy looked at the telomere length of tissue in the arms and legs of young and old people.

To make it more telling they looked at the telomere length in old people who were active and robust versus those that were immobilized.

One of the interesting controversies that rages in the field is what tissues we should be looking at. Specifically all the commercial tests measure white blood cell telomere length. Is that good enough?

As I have said before there is a pretty good correlation between aging as seen in the white blood cells (immune compartment) versus the rest of the body.  I have also told you in the past that the relationship is not linear- some tissues have longer telomeres but the rate of loss is still a line that goes down with age at least in proliferative tissue.

That raises the question of the role of telomere loss in non proliferative tissue like heart brain and skeletal muscle.

In these cases replacement is usually not possible so does telomere attrition happen and does it matter?

In most cases the answers is yes it happens, albeit more slowly and yes it matters and influence the way the tissue behaves.

Before we go any further into this let’s take a look at what the study showed and what we can learn from it.

Most interesting: arm muscle telomere length was pretty much the same in young and old.  This implies that it does not change and does not need telomerase activation to “save it”.  Skeletal muscle has the longest telomere length of any cell type in the body.  This study correlated that fact when it showed the arms of young and old alike to have an average telomere length of 15,000 base pairs (15kb). This is pretty much what you are born with!

Also interesting: The leg telomere length of the active old and inactive old were reduced versus the telomere length of young people. The loss appears from other studies to become noticeable in middle age. But in the active versus inactive old, leg telomere length was much much shorter in the inactive old.

The final piece of the puzzle was to correlate the degree of muscle free radical damage with telomere length.  The idea is that telomeres that are not subject to replicative stress ( get shorter because of cellular replication as they do in white blood cells) must fall victim to other factors.  The main one of those other factors may well be free radical damage since the active old had much less damage than the inactive old.

Now here is where the study gets a bit fuzzy.  The researchers decided that it was indeed free radical stress that made the inactive old inactive and they concluded that it was due to their inactivity.  The next conclusion was that if you stayed active you would not have this happen. If you did not then you’d be in a vicious cycle where you stayed inactive, had more and more free radical damage because of the inactivity and then your muscles telomeres would get shorter and shorter.

They were not able to answer the question of whether the free radical damage was a result of inactivity first, or whether their old inactive people had higher free radical damage first and then got inactive.

So what can we actually take from all this:

The most hopeful thing is that you could potentially use exercise to help stave off the “inevitable weakness” that comes with old age.

Next a good anti-oxidant like Cardio Boost could be extremely useful at reducing free radical damage along with of course Omega3.

Finally even though muscle is “post mitotic” telomere support with telomerase activation is still a really good idea for the rest of the body. And remember 5% of muscle is capable of replication. These “satellite” cells are the stuff that new muscle is made of and this is where telomerase comes in.

As I wrote in the Immortality Edge in 2009 the more you can do the better!



Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer- More Bad News?

I spend a significant time last summer destroying the nonsensical study published by Dr Brasky in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.  Eventually a few other headline came out debunking the study but much to my chagrin it is still being circulated as if it was “news”. Long before the above study came out […]

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The Ketogenic Diet Part 6

You may have noticed that this installment is about a month out from the last post on the Ketogenic Diet. I did this deliberately because I wanted to give you some honest to goodness follow up on how things are going weeks out from the end of my little experiment. There is mostly good things […]

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Exercise and Telomeres – Paradise Lost?

Exercise and Telomeres- Paradise Lost? It’s in vogue today for people to claim they have something that lengthens those biologic time clocks known as telomeres. Everyone from bright eyed bushy tailed totally Vegan Yogis to meat loving Zumba enthusiasts claims their particular brand of exercise is the answer to keeping you younger. When you look […]

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More than Muscle- Telomeres Telomerase supplements and Exercise

I hope you have been enjoying the recent blog posts on various different topics. You are actually getting a peek at the creative process of writing a book- specifically a book on telomeres and telomerase- as it happens. Now the book will have lots more than I can squeeze into a blog but there is […]

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Weight loss Fat loss and Telomere Length

If you have read one iota of my writing over the past few years then you know I am a “telomere guy”. I think that telomeres also known as the biologic time clocks because of their effects on cellular aging and ultimately on how YOU age are the biggest thing we have found in the […]

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More on Telomeres Telomerase Supplements and Cancer

I have written a ton on these topics before and I refer you to here for more background. Briefly: Telomeres are small segments of DNA at the end of every chromosome. They function like biologic time clocks determining when a cell will die. They are very sensitive to life style, toxins, stress, diet, supplements and […]

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The Ketogenic Diet Part 5 What I learned and what you should know!

The best way for me to cover all the stuff I want to tell you is in simple bullet point form and that is what I am going to do. But first let me say one thing that is critical: If you are a healthy person this diet is not going to pose any serious […]

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The Ketogenic Diet Part 4 The results and Why I Stopped Taking my Precious Fish Oil!!

Here are the specific numbers I obtained on the various days after the 2 day induction I described in Part 3 of this series. I will be starting the numbering series with #1 which was the first day AFTER the induction. In other words this is the first day of the 8 day routine I […]

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The Ketogenic Diet Part 3 How I did it

Ok first if you have not read the first 2 blogs please do so because a lot of info is covered that you need to know: Part 1 and Part 2. Now here is what I did. I actually went on the “diet” for a total of 10 days with 8 of them being severely […]

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The Ketogenic Diet Part 2 Some Whats and Whys

Ok today I am going to get into more detail and real experiences for you. I feel compelled to tell you that many other people including some famous and not so famous doctors have endorsed the Ketogenic Diet in its various forms. The Calorie Restricted Ketogenic Diet is very specific in its application.  It is […]

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A Metabolic Interlude – The thinking behind the Ketogenic Diet

Long ago and far away a man named Otto Warburg hypothesized that cancer was a metabolic disease. In his view it was a defect in mitochondrial respiration. The politics of the world and of science eventually led to Warburg’s theories taking a back seat and a new theory of cancer took hold. The strongest voice […]

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The Ketogenic Diet- My Personal Experience- The Epic Saga Part 1

Are Ketogenic Diets the next big trend?  We’ve seen gluten free and Paleo explode and be monetized in the Crossfit and Running communities so it is not an impossible thing! It has always been interesting to me how diets come and diets go.  Most of the dietary trends we experience these days have their roots […]

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TTAGGG You’re It! Stress, Disease and Telomere Length

The repeating sequence of the Telomere-TTAGGG has proven to be a gold mine for determining biologic age ( how old your body is acting!) and disease prognosis ( how bad you are likely to get something) as well as the effects of stress. A recent study on the effects of racism on the telomere length […]

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New Year’s Resolution vs. New Year’s Revelation

Today’s departure from the usual was sparked  by a question sent in by one of Dr Dave’s Best newsletter readers.  By the way if you are not one of them you should be since it is yet another way I keep my people up to date on all things anti-aging along with my myth busting […]

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New Cancer Pathway Involves Telomeres

Drum roll and trumpets please!  A new cancer causing pathway has been found. It involves telomeres of course. I bring it to your attention though, not for what it has shown us, but for how it its marketed. You see even scientists know they stand a better chance of getting recognition if they blow the […]

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Why We Get Fat and the World’s Best Diet

I am taking a short break and stepping off my telomere / fish oil soap box to revisit a topic that in the past was a big favorite: diet and obesity. As I mentioned in my last blog my descent and resurrection from obesity is graphically detailed on the Ultra Strength Fat Furnace page. My […]

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Aerobic versus Intervals – The Best kind of Exercise Revisited

For the past decade I have intermittently written about the effects of exercise on health and body composition (primarily weight loss). My own descent and resurrection from Obesity is well detailed on the Ultra Strength Fat Furnace page in graphic fashion. At that time I also obtained my CPT ( personal Trainer) certificate and began […]

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Krill better than fish oil- more chicanery

A recent a study published in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease my favorite topic was examined. That topic you may have guessed is the ratio of Omega 6 inflammatory fats versus Omega 3 anti-inflammatory ratio. I have harped on and on about this for many years because it is the most important measure […]

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2013 The Year in Review

First let me wish the Happiest of New Years and a phenomenal 2014. I can tell you that if 2013 is any indication, 2014 will be spectacular. And speaking of 2013 I want to give you a brief perspective on this passing year from Dr Dave’s Best point of view both in terms of accomplishments […]

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Are You Immune to Aging

Telomeres are the end segments of every chromosome that function as a biologic time clock. Their overall length and health determines how long your cells will live. Over the past few years it has become more and more common to measure telomere length in blood cells, specifically white blood cells that represent your immune system. […]

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The latest TA-65 Human Study results

Science is like Molasses… it flows slowly. Ever since the 2010 human study on TA-65 was published I have been telling you about the “other half” of the data. I had access to it so I shared it with you but naturally the naysayers and skeptics said, “I’ll believe it when I see it!” So […]

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Unhealthy Telomeres greatly increase the Risk of Cancer

Even though I recently released a blog that looks specifically at prostate cancer and the effect of telomere length on prognosis, I mentioned breast cancer in that blog as another form of hormonally driven cancer that shares many features behaviorally with prostate cancer. The ink on that blog had barely dried when yet another study […]

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Telomeres and Cancer- More than just Length

Telomeres are our cellular biologic time clocks. They are found at the end of every healthy chromosome. It they are short that chromosome and the cell it lives in are headed for disaster. By disaster I mean, 1) Removal from the functional cell pool leaving you with fewer healthy cells to do their job. 2) […]

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Still not Dead!

In mid-July a ridiculous poorly designed poorly done study was published by a “reputable journal” from the National Cancer Institute.  It associated “high Omega 3 intake” with a 70% increased risk of prostate cancer. It was published by one Dr T. Brasky and his research time and derived from a sub group analysis of another […]

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Telomere Length and Life Stress – It all counts

Have you seen the recent articles that link childhood stress to shorter telomere length in adults? Actually this information is not new. Last year a study of Rumanian orphans came out showing the same thing: children in difficulty in early life lost telomere length and had shorter telomeres as adult. Remember this will statistically equate […]

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What is Two Years worth?

The answer to that question has many different answers. I know this for a fact because I asked it at a recent conference I spoke at and I got as many different answers as there were people willing to answer it! The ranges varied from $10,000 through millions to “priceless”!  As long as it was […]

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Slowing Down Telomere Loss with Fish oil – Just a Little Too Convenient!

Life is kinda funny at times.  A few years back I was motoring along minding my own business on the internet doing the fish oil, telomere and anti-aging thing I’ve always done and no one seemed to care much. Now all of a sudden entering my 12th year I seem to be getting people’s attention […]

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A Unified Theory of Aging Part 6

I have written several emails/blogs etc in the past dealing with health, disease and now aging. Since there were 5 prior writings dating back to 2004 and culminating with the most recent “Is aging unstoppable”.  I decided to name this one appropriately “Part 6”. This is also a reminder to you that have been doing […]

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Your Work and My Promise Bear Fruit

Five months ago I launched a contest and I asked you for help. I told you I needed money to finance the kinds of studies that needed to be done in human rejuvenation.  I told you that the amount of work and the amount invested in people, real live people was tiny and it was […]

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Telomeres linked to DNA “Dark Matter”

I swear the copywriters have gotten a hold of the scientists. I say this because for the past 20 years I have been following scientific literature and I have never seen such a proliferation of pithy titles and witty tag lines to describe brute force dry science ever as I have recently.  Not Ever! The […]

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TA-65 Telomerase Supplement Flash Sale HURRY!

For a limited time, on this blog only, choose any of the TA-65 options on the TA-65 item page below and I will throw in a free Telomere Edge Pack worth over $100 and a bottle of my legendary Monster Multi with Minerals valued at over $45. You must use the links from this page […]

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Good News Doesn’t Sell! Researchers Claim Fish Oil for Memory is Bunk

I can’t start this blog without at least calling your attention on more time to July’s “Fish oil Associated with Prostate Cancer” study. At the time I refuted that study on every level while everyone else was cowering in fear. I am about to do it again with another big highly touted study that “Has […]

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A brief blog about my blog!

The word press blog has become very popular and I have a lot of regular fans and of course some regular detractors.  This is the Yin and Yang of life. But recently I got an email accusing me of being a “Johnny Come Lately”. Now normally I shrug this stuff off but I have to […]

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Cancer and Telomerase Part 6


I am not going to rehash all of the things I have said about telomerase activation and cancer in the past because there is too much new stuff to tell you about. But I will remind you that cancer has a nasty and unique ability to amplify telomerase expression in just about every way you […]

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Are You Neurotic? Be Careful!

Ok you’ve seen me beat up on the QPCR as a tool for accurate assessment of telomere length in the recent Ornish study. To my mind that was the absolute worst use of that technology and it invalidates much of what the authors concluded primarily because the study was so small and did not correlate […]

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Great stuff about Telomeres in the news this week

You may have already heard about the follow up to the original Dean Ornish/Liz Blackburn study done 5 years ago. If you missed the boat this Southern California duo of famous people did a small study using a dietary modification to measure telomerase activation in peripheral white blood cells- the ones we usually look at […]

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The Immortality Edge- wrong then but right now!?


I recently heard one of the most amusing criticisms of my work and our book “The Immortality Edge” A dear friend of mine who finally after 3 years of watching and waiting decided to bite the bullet and start TA-65 told me about this last week. He lives in South Florida an area that is […]

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Statins and Human Aging- Big Pharma Jumps on Board?

A recent study out of Italy links statin drugs to increased telomerase activity and slower shortening of telomeres. If you read my blogs you know this is not the first time such an association has been found.  Back in March of this year I reviewed another article predicting we would see more of this. And […]

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Ninety Year old Joints- JRA and telomere length

Awhile back I sustained an injury that made me feel like I was 90. In spite of all the training supplements and coaching I have done and given I succumbed to a moment of weakness and “went for it” when I knew I should not have. The result was a several torn muscles in the […]

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All this time I’ve been lying to you!

epa dha graph of sources

OK it’s time to come clean. And now that I’ve died and become a disembodied spirit because of my long term consumption of high dose fish oil. I thought I may as well confess another lie to you. Ultra 85 is really not fish oil.  Technically at least. You see “real fish oil” as it […]

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A Reply to an expert

I occasionally happen across expert blogs and columns by other doctors who are called on for their expertise. Recently one such physician surprisingly skipped the whole fish oil and prostate cancer nonsense and dug up another negative study” Fish oil No Good for Heart Disease” from way back in the Spring. Now in this guy’s […]

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Is Aging Unstoppable

Arguments continue among the best and brightest scientists concerning the question: Is aging unstoppable. If you think about it that question has already been answered in a functional way. There are several mammalian cell lines that have been made “immortal” simply by turning on telomerase and expressing it at a higher level than normal.  Most surprising is […]

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Big Pharma Strikes Back

You may have wondered why all the negative supplement stuff released in the press lately. You may have wondered why something like fish oil that has thousands of positive studies and as many human studies has become the whipping boy of the media lately. You may have wondered why all the TV and internet docs […]

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Zombies Cowards and Fools – Doctors and the News Media

I have to tell you, I am appalled at the recent issues with the NCI study and its supposed link to fish oil and advanced prostate cancer. I have already ridiculed the authors, but in case it was not clear, let me restate it in the clearest way possible: I think the authors, particularly the […]

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As I lay Dying – Omega 3 and Prostate Cancer

Surely I must be dying and this must be my last chance to write you in my physical form. Any further communications you receive from my blogs, emails, personal notes-any further stage presentations or lectures must be coming from my ghost or perhaps an evil imposter trying to steal my identity. I say this because […]

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Doc’s Response to “Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer”

The response to the nonsense that was released as news was far greater than I anticipated. It seems that somehow this most recent “study” made it to the national news. What’s the matter news media? Is the George Zimmerman media circus and the Egypt thing already passé? Any way since I am expected to have […]

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Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer (Part 2)

testosterone decline over age

 Continuation of: Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer Part 1 ——————————————— In actuality the hormonal changes in men are not nearly as universal as they are in women. Some men can maintain healthy testosterone levels into their 80′s and presumably beyond. Some men but not most men! Most men begin to have some decline in their Testosterone […]

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Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer (Part 1)


It is often suggested that Prostate cancer is the male equivalent of Breast cancer. There are some striking similarities. Both are hormonally driven and both occur with increasing frequency as a person ages. As you will also see, the mechanisms by which Fish Oil prevents and improves the outcomes in this type of cancer are also very […]

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TA-65, Telomeres and Cancer, Yet Again


I am not sure how many times I’ve said that longer telomeres protect against cancer. Probably almost as many times as I’ve had to refute someone saying “telomerase causes cancer therefore TA-65 might cause cancer.” Back in December 2010 JAMA a very drug centric Big Pharma supported journal published a study that associated short telomere […]

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Sirtuins, resveratrol and human longevity

There are some serious issues with the way resveratrol is being marketed. 1) A few years ago it was touted as a telomerase inhibitor and NOT to be taken with TA-65. Now there are claims that it is a telomerase activator and at least 1 study in vitro that suggests that this might be the […]

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I wouldn’t give my dog Ethyl Ester Fish Oil – Part 2

In this part of the blog I go into even more detail debunking the arguments that seem to have gathered steam on the internet.  It is irritating because it represents “negative sales tactics” which try to capitalize on “bad news” that will shock you because it “challenges everything you know about –insert your favorite topic–”. […]

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I wouldn’t give my dog Ethyl Ester Fish oil – Part 1

So said the brilliant PhD whose talk preceeded mine at a recent public anti-aging conference. While I am not 100% sure if this was a deliberate snipe at me I didn’t care because it played right into my hands. I destroyed the arguments that were advanced in favor of “natural triglyceride fish oil” also known […]

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Telomeres and longevity – questions from readers

The following questions were sent in concerning telomeres, telomerase, TA-65 and the Life Length assay as offered in the U. S. by adltests.com. Question 1:  Is the database mainly constructed in the US? Answer:  The database is worldwide but the bulk of the database comes from the U.S. The only lab currently offering the Life […]

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Telomeres, Chronic Pain and Accelerated Aging

A new study has linked the pain syndrome known as Fibromyalgia to shortened telomeres (biologic time clocks). I have already begun to get emails asking me if TA-65 will help this, due to the most recent information. Before I answer that question, a little background is in order. As you hopefully know already, the telomere […]

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Fish oil – Failure by design

A few months ago I wrote a blog/newsletter entitled “Don’t Swallow It!” It was lamenting the lack of a BS detector on the internet and how easily factoids can spread misinformation. Today’s little gem fits right in with that theme. The latest round of “Fish oil No Good for Heart Disease” studies was published this […]

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Can Telomere Length Predict When Women Will Experience Menopause?

A recent study suggests that women with longer telomeres do indeed go through menopause later in life.  The obvious conclusion is that they remain fertile longer.  A lot of women will want to know how this equates to their cancer risk, specifically breast and ovarian cancer. While no studies have been done to equate both […]

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